Custom Feats

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Custom Feats

Post by Stefano on Fri Jan 06, 2017 4:12 pm

Custom Base Item Types (Proficiency):

Assassin Dagger (Exotic)
Double Scimitar (Exotic)
Falchion (Martial)
Heavy Mace (Martial)
Heavy Pick (Martial)
Katar (Exotic)
Light Pick (Martial)
Maug (Exotic)
Nunchacku (Exotic)
Sai (Exotic)
Sap (Simple)
Goad (Martial)
Maul (Exotic)

Feats for Base Item Types:

Weapon Focus
Epic Weapon Focus
Weapon Specialization
Epic Weapon Specialization
Improved Critical
Overwhelming Critical
Weapon of Choice

Base Item Type (works as)
Falchion 2 (Falchion)
Mercurial Greatsword (Greatsword)
Mercurial Longsword (Longsword)
Longsword 2 (Longsword)
Light Mace 2 (Light Mace)
Kukri 2 (Kukri)

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